Sunday, October 28, 2012

A delicious bread flop

Today I took the time to use up our very browned bananas. I searched "far and wide" on the internet to find a perfect recipe for banana bread. I found it here. The blog Not without Salt delivered a simply yummy banana bread. My bread pan was more deep than the recipe called for, so I decided to adjust my bake time. After checking the bread and taking core samples, as I like to think of it, the bread seemed done. It looked great too! I decided to take a quick photo with my iPhone as it cooled in the pan.

The bread smelled like banana heaven! After some time of cooling inside the pan I decided I should transfer it to a cooling rack...Surprise! The bread was not done in the middle! The inside broke through the top of the bread and oozed through the wire rack completely ruining the loaf...Only one piece I had already cut from the edge remained, it tasted amazing.  The rest of my bread was now trash. I am feeling defeated, next time I will not use such a deep pan!

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